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    • Addonics
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    • ExpressCard / Cardbus Adapters
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ExpressCard / Cardbus Adapters

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Addonics AD2U3EXC34 2-port USB 3.0 ExpressCard 34
This new Addonics USB 3.0 ExpressCard adapter is a simple and economical solution to upgrade your Windows Notebook computer to the latest high speed USB 3.0 technology. For Notebook with ExpressCard v
€ 50.94
Ex tax € 42.10
Addonics AD4IN1EXC34-H 4-in-1 flash to ExpressCard adapter SDHC
The Addonics 4-in-1 DigiAdapter ExpressCard 34 is a great option for Notebook users which have the new ExpressCard 34 slot to read small size ultra flash cards, including Memory Stick&trade, Me
€ 25.41
Ex tax € 21.00
Addonics ADCB2SA-E CardBus SATA Adapter, 2 eSATA Ports
The Addonics CardBus eSATA adapter brings the latest eSATA technology to the Notebook user via the CardBus slot. Together with Addonics' family of eSATA cabling system, Notebook users can enjoy the fa
€ 43.41
Ex tax € 35.88
Addonics ADCBUSB2FW Combo CardBus USB2.0 and FW Adapter
When you want to add both the USB 2.0 and Firewire port to a Notebook, The Addonics Combo CardBus USB 2.0/Firewire adapter is the best solution. You can now connect any high speed USB 2.0 devices and
€ 51.16
Ex tax € 42.28
Addonics ADCFPCMCIA Compact Flash to PCMCIA Card
The CF DigiAdapter&trade is a simple and economical solution for converting Compact Flash memory and Micro Drive into PCMCIA card. FeaturesPCMCIA connection Complete Plug and Play Reads and writes to
€ 21.66
Ex tax € 17.90
Addonics ADEC346G-MS mini SAS / 4-port SATA Expresscard34
This mini SAS ExpressCar adapterr supports connecting up to four SATA devices via an external mini SAS (SFF-8088) a ExpressCard 34/54 slot on a Notebook computer. The controller supports
€ 73.18
Ex tax € 60.48
Addonics ADEXC34-2E 2 eSATA ExpressCard 34
The 2 Port eSATA ExpressCard and RAID 5/JBOD eSATA ExpressCard 34 enchances your laptop system with two eSATA II ports from a single Express Card slot. Each eSATA II port provides a maximum of 300 MB/
€ 43.41
Ex tax € 35.88
Addonics ADEXC34CB ExpressCard CardBus adapter
This ExpressCard CardBus adapter is a cost effective solution to add back the CardBus slot that is missing in many Notebook computer. Designed to turn any ExpressCard slot into a standard CardBus s
€ 63.68
Ex tax € 52.63
Addonics ADPMAF-XWP PCMCIA Flash adapter Extreme, Read only
The Addonics PCMCIA Flash DigiAdapter Extremeandtrade and the 4-in-1 DigiAdapter are convenient Flash Memory Reader solutions for the Notebook users with computers that are equipped with a PCMCIA slot
€ 31.85
Ex tax € 26.32
Addonics ADU2ECM USB 2.0 ExpressCard Memory Adapter
The USB 2.0 ExpressCard Memory adapter is an USB reader/writer for the latest ExpressCard flash memory. This adapter is an ideal solution for any computer to read and write to the ExpressCard flash me
€ 29.76
Ex tax € 24.59
Addonics ADU2FWEX34 Firewire USB2.0 ExpressCard
This Firewire / USB 2.0 ExpressCard Adapter upgrades your Notebook PC with two Firewire ports and one USB 2.0 port via the new ExpressCard slot. Boasting superior performance and low power consumption
€ 49.08
Ex tax € 40.57
Addonics AEMK35CB CardBus/PCMCIA reader for 3.5" drive bay
Want to use a CardBus or PCMCIA adapter on your Desktop computer? The Addonics Desktop Card drive is your answer. Designed to work just like the CardBus/PCMCIA slot in the Notebook computer, the Deskt
€ 121.02
Ex tax € 100.02
Addonics ADEXC34R5-2E 2 eSATA ExpressCard 34 RAID5 JBOD
The 2 Port eSATA ExpressCard and RAID 5/JBOD eSATA ExpressCard 34 enchances your laptop system with two eSATA II ports from a single Express Card slot. Each eSATA II port provides a maximum of 300
€ 50.98
Ex tax € 42.13