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Addonics JD2-3CFT - (Jasper II 3CFT - 1:3 CFast card / 2.5" HDD/SSD duplicator)

Addonics JD2-3CFT - (Jasper II 3CFT - 1:3 CFast card / 2.5" HDD/SSD duplicator)
Brand: Addonics
Product Code: JD2-3CFT
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Addonics JD2-3CFT - (Jasper II 3CFT - 1:3 CFast card / 2.5" HDD/SSD duplicator)

The new family of Addonics Jasper II Duplicator is one of the fastest and most advanced drive duplicators in the market.

High Performance
The Jasper II Duplicator can copy at a rate up to 260 MB/sec, more than twice the performance of most duplicators in the market. Whereas the performance of most duplicators declines with increasing load, the duplication speed on a Jasper II duplicator remains the same regardless of number of drives in the copying process.

Unlike traditional duplicator that is designed for a fixed number of targets, the duplicating capacity of a Jasper II Duplicator can be expanded by connecting two units together. So if you have two Jasper II duplicators with 2 targets and 7 targets, you can connect the two units together to turn them into a 1:10 duplicators.

up to 260MB/sec 
Expandable Flexible



Since the Jasper II Duplicator can be connected together, different type of media can be easily mixed in the duplication. For example, a Jasper II 3.5" drive duplicator can be connected to a Jasper II mSATA SSD duplicator In this set up, a 3.5" source drive can be copied onto 3.5 drive or mSATA card all at the same time.

The scalability and the flexibility in using different media as source and target allows every Jasper II Duplicator to be used in all types of drive duplication and also ensure the longevity of your investment.


About this model

This Jasper II 3CFT is a 1:3 high performance and expandable duplicator for CFast card and 2.5" HDD/SSD. The duplicator makes copies from one to three (3) drives at one time with a mix of any of the supported drives at speed up to 260 MB/sec. Drives are loaded directly into the duplicator with no special tools required. Comes bundled with four (4) 2.5" CFast flash drive kits, either the M2 or mSATA SSD is loaded into the duplicator just like a standard 2.5" hard drive. By adding different optional 2.5" flash drive kits, this duplicator can also copy other flash cards such as M2 SATA SSD, mSATA SSD, CF card, micro SATA drive or slim SATA drive.

Front view
(Drive insertion and removal illustration)


Rear view


Easy installation or replacement of the CFast card into the 2.5" CFast 
adapter (AD25CFASTD-N)

CFast card can be inserted into or removed from the adapter directly
2.5 CF Flash drive installation



The following Addonics optional 2.5" flash drive kit can be used for duplicating CFast , CF card, slim SATA SSD or 1.8"  drive.

Show with media side facing up

2.5" M2/mSATA SSD drive 
kit (AD25M2MSA)

CF card in 2.5" CF drive kit

Slim SATA SSD 2.5" HDD
adapter (AA25SEMBK)

1.8" micro SATA - 2.5" SATA
HDD adapter (AD18M25S

note: the flash cards shown above are for illustration purpose and are not part of the flash drive adapter