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Addonics AD25M2U.2 2.5" U.2 M2 PCIe SSD drive
This Addonics M2 Flash drive kit turns a regular M2 PCIe or M2 NVMe SSD into a 2.5" U.2 SSD. The drive frame and the connector mimic the exact size and connector location of a 9
€ 35.91
Ex tax € 29.68
Addonics AD2M2S-PX4 M2 PCIe SSD Adapter X110
This M2 adapter enables installing a combination of one M2 PCI SSD and two M2 SATA SSDs into a PCIe 4 lane slot of any Desktop system or server. Designed to accommodate M2 in 42, 60, 80 and 110 mm
€ 36.72
Ex tax € 30.35
Addonics AD2M2SAR Dual M2 SSD - SATA adapter
  This Addonics Dual M2 SSD adapter enable connecting two M2 SSDs to a single SATA port inside a computer. Once the M2 (NGFF) SSDs are mounted inside this adapter, it can be used just like
€ 42.47
Ex tax € 35.10
Addonics AD4MSPX2-A Quad mSATA PCIe SSD
This Quad mSATA PCIe SSD is a PCIe add-on card that supports connecting as many as four mSATA cards into any Desktop PC. Designed for installing in a PCI Express 4, 8 or 16 lanes slot, the four mSA
€ 68.50
Ex tax € 56.62
Addonics ADAEC7722 ATAPI to SCSI converter
Having trouble finding a SCSI storage device? Getting a sticker shock from the high price tag of the SCSI drive? The Addonics ATAPI to SCSI converter is the answer. With this converter, common low cos
€ 164.35
Ex tax € 135.82
Addonics ADEBIDE2SA Embedded IDE Dual SATA Port Converter
The Embedded IDE- Dual SATA Port Converter instantly turns a standard 40-pin IDE port into two SATA ports. Installation is simple, simply insert the IDE side of the converter directly onto the IDE
€ 34.11
Ex tax € 28.19
Addonics ADIDESA IDE to Serial ATA Converter
Looking to get more speed out of your hard drive, hot swap capability and better air flow in the over crowded interior of your desktop computer? Addonics Serial ATA line of product is your answer.
€ 22.30
Ex tax € 18.43
Addonics ADM218SA M2 SSD - micro SATA adapter
This M2 - 1.8" Micro SATA adapter is designed to enable M2 SSD, with length of 30, 42 or 60 mm, to be used as a direct replacement of the 1.8" micro SATA hard drive. As a result, any equi
€ 28.29
Ex tax € 23.38
Addonics ADM2PX4 M2 PCIe SSD - PCIe 3.0 4-Lane adapter
BULK Packaging This M2 PCIe SSD adapter enable installing the M2 PCI SSD into a PCIe 4 lane slot of any Desktop system or server. Designed to accommodate M2 PCIe SSD in 42, 60 or 80 mm length,
€ 23.05
Ex tax € 19.05
Addonics ADMS25IDE 2.5" IDE mSATA drive
This Addonics 2.5" IDE mSATA Flash drive turns a regular mSATA SSD into a 2,5" IDE SSD. The drive frame and the connector mimic the exact size and connector location of a 2.5" IDE hard drive. So on
€ 30.29
Ex tax € 25.03
Addonics ADSAIDE Serial ATA to IDE converter
The SATA - IDE/ATAPI converter is a perfect solution for converting the Serial ATA hard drive or Serial ATA optical storage devices to have a standard IDE interface. Just simply attach this convert
€ 22.95
Ex tax € 18.97
Addonics ADSAIDE44 SATA to IDE 44-pin converter
The SATA - 44-pin IDE Converter is a perfect solution for converting 2.5" Serial ATA hard drives to 44-pin IDE interface. Just simply attach this converter to the back of any SATA storage device, a
€ 26.74
Ex tax € 22.10
Addonics ADSATAPISA Slim ATAPI to SATA converter
These unique Addonics converters are designed to quickly convert the slimline ATAPI interface commonly used with notebook optical drives into high speed Serial ATA or USB 2.0. Attached easily to th
€ 31.01
Ex tax € 25.62
Addonics ADSAU3 Serial ATA to USB 3.0 converter
Upgrading your system to use USB 3.0 ports? The SATA to USB 3.0 Converter converts any SATA device into the latest USB 3.0 (Superspeed) or ubiquitous USB 2.0 port. SATA I, SATA II, and SATA III har
€ 33.48
Ex tax € 27.67
Addonics ADSSSAU2 Slim ODD SATA to USB 2.0 converter
The Addonics Slim SATA to USB 2.0/1.1 Converter is designed to convert the latest slim line SATA 3.0Gbps interface into the commonly available USB connection. While it attaches easily to the back o
€ 31.01
Ex tax € 25.62