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Addonics SCEDSAU192-EU (192bit ExDrive USB 2.0/SATAII) Black

Addonics SCEDSAU192-EU (192bit ExDrive USB 2.0/SATAII) Black
Addonics SCEDSAU192-EU (192bit ExDrive USB 2.0/SATAII) Black
Brand: Addonics
Product Code: SCEDSAU192
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Price: € 112.74
Ex Tax: € 93.17

Addonics SCEDSAU192-EU (192bit ExDrive USB 2.0/SATAII) Black

Addonics SCEDSAU192-EU (192bit ExDrive USB 2.0/SATAII) Black

 The Saturn ExDrive (SED) is the new generation of external hard drive kit with many improvements. The SED for SATA or SATA II hard drive is the first hard drive kit in the market that enables any SATA hard drive to be used as an external hard drive via USB, Firewire, CardBus/PCMCIA or External SATA connection. Similar to other Addonics ExDrive solution, the SED comes with the Addonics USIB connector for multiple interface support. The enclosure, comes in a compact foot print slightly larger than a VCR cassette, can also be used as a removable hard drive in conjunction with an optional Drive Cradle. There is no switches to set between internal and external hard drive applications. Constructed with strong aluminum, the SED kit is built for long durability and efficient heat dissipation.
With the choice of Saturn Cipher drive enclousre that comes with built-in bullet proof hardware encryption technology, sensitive data stored in the hard drive can be kept secure even if the hard drive is lost or stolen, Unlike software encryption, the Addonics hardware solution encrypts and decrypts data with no measurable performance degradation and yet simple to use as there is no software to install or password to remember.

The SED kit for IDE hard drive has the same features except uses standard IDE hard drive. Both the SATA and the IDE versions can share the same interface cables for external connection and the same Drive Cradle for internal removable drive application.

You can also install any 2.5" SATA hard drive into into the Saturn SATA drive enclosure using the optional 2.5" hard drive mounting bracket. Or use optional 2.5" -3.5" IDE converter kit to install 2.5" or 1.8" IDE hard drive into the Saturn IDE drive enclosure.

Review - "..While you can heat up a drive in the Saturn ExDrive enclosure just like any other enclosure, it seems to cool off better when the drive is idle. Obviously, being able to use an enclosure without a fan is quieter and these results make that possible." by 6/23/05

Following illustrates the simple hard drive installation procedure for the Saturn ExDrive kit using SATA or SATA II hard drive. Click image below to enlarge the picture that includes the IDE version.

Warranty 1 year