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Addonics  AJCHDSAS Jupiter Combo SATA
AJCHDSAS Jupiter Combo Hard Drive kit for 2.5 SATA hard drive. eSATA interface. Black color. Rugged anodized aluminum enclosure with shock mount. Comes with: drive enclosure (AAJSACSB), drive cradle (AAMD25BYBK), eSATA USIB interfa
€ 105.73
Ex Tax: € 87.38
Addonics AA25RCSDR-A Extra Drive Drawer 2.5 Disk Array 4SA-A
AA25RCSDR-A Drive drawer (black color) for 2.5 Disk Array 4SA-A. For installing 2.5 SATA hard drive or SSD
€ 14.13
Ex Tax: € 11.68
Addonics AA25SN35TY Snap-In 25 drive tray
Drive tray for the Snap-In 25 (model: AE25SN35SA) Features Specification
€ 8.30
Ex Tax: € 6.86
Addonics AA2SHCFCSB Slim CD bay bracket for AD2SAHDCF
Addonics AA2SHCFCSB Slim CD bay bracket for AD2SAHDCF
€ 6.16
Ex Tax: € 5.09
Addonics AA35HDBKT-SHCF 3.5" bay bkt for ADSAHDCF and AD2SAHDCF
Various mounting brackets for ADSAHDCF Features Specification
€ 7.71
Ex Tax: € 6.37
Addonics AA44M2CFCSB slim CD bracket for AD44MIDE2CF, black
This bracket is designed to fit perfectly inside any standard 3.5" hard drive bay, a great solution for replacing a 3.5" SATA hard drive with CF media in any desktop system. Features Specification
€ 7.71
Ex Tax: € 6.37
Addonics AA4PFFPCBL 4 Pin female -  female floppy power CBL
Converts 4-pin Molex power connector into 4-pin floppy power connector. Features Specification
€ 2.99
Ex Tax: € 2.47
Addonics AA4PSAPC 4P power to 15-pin SATA power connector
To power any device with a 15-pin SATA power connector using 4-pin Molex power source. Features Specification
€ 3.86
Ex Tax: € 3.19
Addonics AA4PSAPCBL 15Pin SATA Power cable
Addonics AA4PSAPCBL 15Pin SATA Power cable
€ 3.51
Ex Tax: € 2.90
Addonics AA4PYFFCBL 4 Pin male to 4 Pin female + floppy Power
AA4PYFFCBL 4P male to 4P female and Floppy female Y power cables
€ 3.51
Ex Tax: € 2.90
Addonics AA4RCSDR Drive drawer (black) for Disk Array SATA
AA4RCSDR Drive drawer (black color) for Disk Array 4SA. For installing 3.5" Serial ATA hard drive.
€ 17.38
Ex Tax: € 14.36
Addonics AA5PUSBCL-3F 3 feet USB 5pin header cable
AA5PUSBCL-3F  3 feet USB 5-pin header cable, female pin header on both ends   AA5PUSBCL-3F USB 5-pin header to 5-pin header 3 feet cable. Suitable for connecting any device with USB 5-pin header connector to 5-pin header connector on syst
€ 2.37
Ex Tax: € 1.96
Addonics AACFAST25HDB 2.5" hdd frame kit for ADCFASTHDD, black
Mounting brackets for installing the SATA - CFast HDD adapter (ADSACFASTHDD)FeaturesTwo mounting brackets for installing the SATA - CFast HDD adapter (ADSACFASTHDD) in the following applications: Model: AACFAST25HDB - enable the CFast card
€ 7.54
Ex Tax: € 6.23
Addonics AADAFAN80 80 mm fan for 3.5" HDD Disk Array
80x80 mm. (8 x 8 cm.) cooling fan Addonics Disk Array AE5RCS35NSA and AE3RCS35NSA. Features Dimensions: 80x80x20mm Bearing Type: Ball Bearing Rated Voltage: 12 VDC, 60mA Specification Model
€ 8.49
Ex Tax: € 7.02
Addonics AAESATA100C eSATA - eSATA cable, 100 cm.
eSATA - eSATA data cable with heavy duty connector and shielding for reliable external connection to external storage device. Great for connecting any eSATA storage devices, PVRs or SETOP boxes to Addonics 4-port External SATA controller
€ 12.17
Ex Tax: € 10.06